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Twixl Publisher allows you to produce content apps for tablets and phones fully independently from design to publishing in the app stores or within a private environment.

Twixl Publisher is a combination of a stand-alone OS X application and a plug-in for Adobe InDesign CC2014, CC or CS6 that allows you to create interactive content apps for mobile devices. You can either start from existing documents or you can create new documents from scratch.

With Twixl Publisher, different types of interactive content are supported such as photo slide shows, audio, video, HTML5 web viewers and more.

Twixl Publisher allows you to create tablet apps for the iPad and for Android tablets, phone apps for iPhone and Android phones, or universal apps that work on both. In addition, a Web Reader export of your publications can be displayed in a browser on a desktop or notebook.

Twixl Viewer

You create your complete publication in one environment. The design, the content and the enriched elements are all brought together in InDesign. From our point of view, this is the only user friendly creation process possible.


This application allows you to build the apps, and converts the InDesign export into a ready-to-go iOS and/or Android app, either tablet only, phone only or universal.


The free Twixl Viewer app for iOS and Android allows a designer to send a preview of a publication from the InDesign plug-in to a device on the local Wifi network.


The reader is embedded in every app and enables the app to interpret the files that have been exported from InDesign – exported files use the “.publication” extension, Twixl’s open format for digital publications.


Content Management and Distribution

For management and distribution of multi-issue (“kiosk”) apps, two options are available, depending on the target audience.

To publish apps for the general public, there’s the Twixl Distribution Platform that will work in tandem with the three major app stores: Apple’s App Store, the Google Play store and the Amazon Appstore. For publishing to a private audience, there’s the Twixl Enterprise Kiosk.

Smooth and Intuitive Design for your Publications

Twixl Publisher is based on our philosophy of ease of use, simplicity and intuition. Twixl publisher put the user and the user experience at the heart of your solution. That is being reflected in every word, pixel and button. Our three-step model ‘Design, Build and Publish’ is the fastest and easiest way to an enticing, interactive reader experience.

Be completely in control of your publications

Independent publishing means our customers are 100% in control of their apps, and of the publishing costs involved. Twixl publisher offers built-in storage as an integral part of the Twixl Distribution Platform, but customers with high download volumes can opt to choose their own storage solution using Microsoft Windows Azure or Amazon S3 storage. With Twixl Publisher Enterprise, corporations have the option to select either a ready-to-go Twixl-hosted solution, or a self-hosted one that is installed on their own servers.

Twixl Publisher has proven to be the best match for me and my customers.

Fiodor Sumkin
graphic designer and artist


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