Enterprise, WoodWing’s multi-channel publishing system, provides your organization with a flexible, future-proof system that enables you to efficiently publish to any channel web, tablet, print and social at any time. Simply by using Content Station the front-end editorial management application staff can produce content from the initial planning up to publishing.



Content Station – Production, Management, Publication
Content Station is like a content cockpit which has been designed to help content producers create, edit, manage and publish all types of content and publications, regardless of their destination.

It also helps management meet their objectives with real-time reporting about key metrics without the need to switch between systems anymore. Everything happens within one application.





Enterprise Server – Solid and scalable backbone

Behind the scenes, Enterprise Server takes care of all the complicated work. It’s responsible for your workflow, access rights, versioning and secure storage of content. Enterprise Server also orchestrates the publishing process for all channels – print, Web, social channels and tablet and integrates with virtually any external system, further expanding the system’s capabilities.
Enterprise Server contains more than a decade of software development and experience in publishing. It’s been built from the ground up to be fast, flexible, robust and scalable. Enterprise Server is ready for any future publishing challenge or yet-to-be-invented channel.




Built to connect to the world

Enterprise Server has been built to integrate with any 3rd-party system. Through server plugins it can connect to external systems, such as a DAM, search engine or product database (PIM). Additionally, plugins enable you to expand the functionality of Enterprise Server itself, and last but not least to add new publication channels on the fly.



Web Services
Clients communicate with Enterprise Server using Web services via modern communication protocols – SOAP, JSON, and AMF. Content Station, Smart Connection, Smart Mover, 3rd-party software and even your own apps – they can all tap the Enterprise Server API.

Proven, Open Technologies

Enterprise Server uses mature and reliable technologies such as PHP, MySQL, and Apache. This means an easy roll-out on your existing infrastructure. These modern technologies ensure a scalable, robust and flexible solution. Enterprise Server enables users to access all your content from within InDesign and InCopy through our Smart Connection panel.




Enterprise Server runs on all of operating systems.  You can mix and match hardware and software to put together the system of your dreams. Enterprise also runs on several databases – MySQL, MS-SQL and Oracle – and on both Apache and IIS web servers.




Easy to use

Enterprise Server speeds up production and brings more fun to the daily job. There is extensive support for templates, such as article, dossier and layout templates. With all basic material collected in a Dossier, it’s easy to create your story for multiple channels. Writing for the Web; posting on Facebook; sending a tweet; creating a print or tablet layout. For each channel, we offer a tailored user interface that shows only those items relevant for the task at hand. Best of all, all content is nicely kept together in the Dossier!




Enterprise has been audited by the most demanding clients and declared safe for the production of financial reports for multi-billion companies. Only authorized personnel can access your sensitive information through granular access right settings. Version control helps you see who made what changes when.



Smart Mover- Automate your workflow

Smart Mover connects to WoodWing Enterprise and Elvis DAM, and offers a graphical user interface for quickly setting up automated and scheduled tasks.

Options available include turning incoming e-mails into editable stories, importing and converting wire text and images, automatically creating issues and purging old files. But publishing content to websites can also be automated, as well as working with RSS feeds, Twitter and more. The possibilities are endless.



Elvis_enterprise_img9Integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM)- Multichannel Publishing

Unleash the power of our Digital Asset Management solution Elvis DAM in Enterprise! Automatically archive your publications and quickly find and retrieve existing content and publications that are waiting to be monetized again.




Enterprise Analytics

Enterprise Analytics provides organizations unparallelled insights in the effectiveness of their production Elvis_enterprise_img10process. Using Enterprise Analytics, you can measure and further increase your Return on Investment (ROI) for WoodWing’s Enterprise Multi-Channel Publishing solution.

  • Instantly see the progress of your publication
  • Select a specific channel, like print or DPS
  • Drill down per story (Dossier) and content type

Master your production process – From the cloud

  • Real-time insights from any location, at any moment, from any device
  • No software installation; easy configuration
  • Manage multiple Enterprise instances from the same account
  • No interference with your production (report generation can be quite processor-intensive)
  • Run reports on historical content that is no longer present in your production system





WoodWing has been at the forefront of content creation technology as long as we've been doing business with them.

Mitch Klaif
SVP of Time Magazine


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