Solution Areas: Publishing Planning

CIO 365: Media, powered by cutting edge technology and seamless systems integration is backed by 4Cplus in-depth knowledge of the needs of the print media industry.

CIO 365™:Media puts the true power of collaborative computing at the heart of your business. This unique solution has features that will boost your company’s performance in every area viz. circulation, advertising, human resources, finance, newsprint inventory, stores, customer relationship management and provides timely MIS.

Implementation of CIO 365™:Media allows you to re-engineer your workflows most beneficially. These transformed processes help you realize ‘neverbefore’ synergies throughout your newspaper’s value chain. All this makes you more agile as a business by allowing new ways to work smarter, faster, and cost efficiently to be a step ahead of competition – always.

Maximize Revenues, Minimize Costs

  • Exploit IT efficiencies enterprise wide for efficient back-end processes
  • Consolidate data from multiple locations and get ‘real’ time MIS
  • Reduce duplication of work
  • Expand rapidly with lesser investment in manpower and resources
  • Leverage enterprise-wide collaboration and transparency
  • Take advantage of pre-configured roles for improved productivity and high user acceptance
  • Ensure accurate accounting and auditing for all transactions with unmatched accountability.
  • Create flexible advertising rate schemes and unlimited advertisement categories to boost revenues
  • Boost IT collaboration and with your customers and associates Minimize revenue ‘leakages’ and improve recovery
  • Develop new advertising and other-revenue producing products
  • Become nimble to target new niche groups more efficiently by being able to identify opportunities and exploiting them
  • Realize opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling
  • Provide better service to your advertisers and subscribers

The CIO365™ – MEDIA Advantage

  • Single window solution unlike other systems that require the involvement of at least the solution provider and an integration provider
  • Highly customizable without compromising on the industry best practices as opposed to other systems which are extremely rigid
  • Implemented as per your requirements and does not force you to follow the system’s practices „ Highly economical with low cost of maintenance
  • Multi platform support
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Requires standard infrastructure and no major expenses on infrastructure
  • Low implementation time of 3 to 6 months for the complete solution to go live from scratch
  • 4Cplus has deep domain knowledge of the print industry
  • Salient Features
  • Complete Circulation/ Subscription and Distribution management
  • Agent management and billing
  • Route management for multiple modes of transport (road, rail, air)
  • Integrated and combined database
  • Enhanced multiple publication and product distribution
  • Personal Contact Campaign (PCC) and Schools Program Management System
  • Competition Tracking Module
  • Meets all statutory ABC requirements and provides
  • All reports required for ABC


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