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NewsWrap is an Integrated Editorial Management System. NewsWrap streamlines editorial workflows of a newspaper. NewsWrap helps editors, reporters, photographers, illustrators and designers achieve the common goal – the production of a publication. NewsWrap provides the users a flexible workflow and powerful tools to simplify routine tasks, streamline processes and improve efficiencies. NewsWrap supports both content and design led processes.

NewsWrap is also web enabled allowing anytime-anywhere access to users.

newswrap1NewsWrap is a comprehensive solution that takes into account the entire news gathering process – from start to finish all in an affordable, stable and customizable manner. Only NewsWrap offers tools that handle newsroom tasks outside the scope of a traditional editorial system.

NewsWrap provides a fully automatic and paperless workflow rationalizing all aspects of newspaper production, beginning from creation of story to ready-to-print pages in an efficient manner.

NewsWrap is a set of interrelated applications that help people collaborate, coordinate, and communicate in an editorial setup.


newswrapNewsWrap supports both content and design led workflow processes. In content based workflow the editors work on processing the content while the page designers can assemble processed content on the page. In a design led workflow, the page designers release the design templates and the editors can work on multiple articles for the page. NewsWrap keeps everyone updated about the status of the content. Each element of an article can be tracked at any time and the status of pages being designed is also available for preview to authorized editors.

The automation in NewsWrap takes care of gathering content from multiple sources, automatically forwarding it to concerned editors, maintaining versions of processed content, and generating alerts to keep everyone updated.


NewsWrap is also available over the Internet allowing anytime-anywhere access to reporters, photographers and bureau offices. Senior editors and publishers can also use the Internet to view pages and MIS reports.

To sum it up, NewsWrap is a proven system to manage editorial workflow, that is robust yet simple to use and flexible.



Salient Features

  • NewsWrap is an established editorial system that covers all editorial functions from news gathering to workflow and from pagination to archival. NewsWrap is configured/ customized to suit the requirements of customers
  • Allows design or layout based workflow with multiple editors working on the stories for one page as well as content based workflow (sequential)
  • NewsWrap supports all major languages and has been implemented in English, French, Arabic and Indian language fonts in the text editor
  • NewsWrap streamlines the process of news gathering, sharing, publishing within a centre and communicating to other centres.
  • The communication module handles the automatic transfer of text, images and pages to/ from other centres.
  • NewsWrap brings about transparency and accountability by providing MIS reports, audit trails and versions.
  • Reduces the chances for human errors through extensions that check for duplicate matter in pages being released and ‘jump page’ check for stories continued on another page.
  • Complete web enablement allows remote contributors to have access to all features of Editorial system
  • Bureau module integrates the bureau offices with the Editorial system
  • Provide a user friendly GUI that supports WYSIWYG to reduce training and induction time of editorial personnel
  • NewsWrap is also browser based and works on both PC (IBM) and Macs. It also does not require local application to be loaded and maintained on all systems
  • Provide ROI through saving of time in making pages, editing stories, reduces training time, paperless working, reduction in communication cost and reduction in licenses of third party software like PhotoShop, Quark XPress/ InDesign, MS Office, etc.
  • Eliminate duplication of content and bring down spelling mistakes
  • Makes the organization into a hub of knowledge through integration of all editorial functions

After a lot of deliberation we decided on 4C plus as the supplier of our Editorial system.
The Implementation of NewsWrap went through very smoothly as the team that implemented the software were competent and had good people skills. Using NewsWrap we have been able to automate our newsroom and connect our editorial team in time. Being a multiple center publication NewsWrap has helped us in streamlining our work flow between centers also. We like their responsive approach and ability to listen to us to understand our challenges. Everyone is happy with the editorial system. The Product is stable and the support reliable. 4C plus is totally responsive to any needs or questions we have.

Mr. Fr. Alexader Paikada,
Vice President – Production IT,
Rashtra Deepika


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