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Elvis DAM is next-generation digital asset management software for brands, publishers and creatives. Recognized by industry experts, Elvis DAM combines a great user interface with scalability, flexibility and performance. WoodWing markets Elvis DAM via a worldwide network of certified business partners.

Search  find  retrieve, fast and fluid performance

Elvis DAM uses familiar search concepts such as browsing a folder structure or entering a google-like search phrase. You can narrow down search results with facets and filters and sort the results to quickly find what you need. Using the lightweight previews of images, videos, audio, PDF’s, office documents and more you can easily find the most appropriate item. And, through the tabbed interface, you can work on several tasks simultaneously.


Organize your assets


Organize your assets

Elvis DAM offers various ways to organize your media. Folders provide a familiar environment. You can keep your existing folder structure when importing assets from a fileserver, or create your own folder structure. Collections are virtual containers that you can use to organize your assets, to share and to prepare your production. Relations provide yet another view on your assets. They can be applied manually as well as automatically inherited through import, archive or check-in processes.


Share with anyone on any device

To share or collaborate on digital assets you can simply email a link to a collection. The recipient can view the collection in a browser, in the desktop client, or in the dedicated Elvis Review App for iPad. You can of course manually import one or many files by a simple drag-and-drop. But Elvis also provides support for hot folders, wire feeds, RSS feeds and archiving from integrated production systems.


Adobe Creative Cloud integration

Adobe Creative Cloud integration

The creative team is fully integrated in your workflow with Elvis DAM. They can open files straight from the Elvis desktop client in Photoshop, InDesign, or any other application. Elvis DAM even supports the ‘Edit Original’ workflow for InDesign layouts. And of course, Elvis will automatically keep track of all versions for you. But also any other type of file, such as Microsoft Office, Keynote and video can be opened directly in its default applications.




Rights and permissions

For fine-grained control over what users can do with assets in Elvis DAM, you can set role-based permissions on folders and on any metadata field. You decide who can view and who can edit specific metadata fields, and hide sensitive metadata from groups of users. Date-based permissions enable setting an embargo date on the use of assets.



The power of metadataElvis_img5

Metadata is crucial to manage your assets. Elvis DAM supports over 400 metadata fields and allows you to define custom fields and groups as well. Quickly view rights, status, source or any other value for the assets you are browsing. Editing metadata is easy for multiple items and Elvis DAM has a friendly way to encourage users to enter required metadata. The OpenCalais integration automatically enriches your metadata semantically.





Customized experience

The Elvis DAM user-interface is incredibly flexible. You can show only the relevant metadata, vary the size of thumbnails and panels and switch between screen layouts and view options depending on the task you are performing. Drag your most-used locations to the favorites panel to create quicklinks to folders, collections and saved searches. Save your preferences and apply them to an entire user group for an optimized way of working.


Video and Demo

To learn more about Elvis DAM, watch the video and learn back while watching the demonstration video.


In our demanding workflows efficiency is key, every minute counts. With Elvis DAM, we have our business under control.

Barbara Angeli Radovani
Managing Director of KSM


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