vjoon K4 is the ideal cross-media publishing platform for creative and editorial teams to collaborate efficiently. Process-driven and highly automated vjoon K4 structures workflows, thereby affording your organization utmost creative leeway using just three simple steps to publish your content. It enables small teams and large business units with thousands of users to conveniently plan and implements sophisticated publications featuring multimedia content for delivery to diverse digital devices and in printed format. All production tasks are performed at exactly the right time. Contents are tailored to the format with the same exactitude and delivered precisely when it is ready and needs to go.

Superior Multi-Channel Publishingvjoon_k4_img1

With vjoon K4 you can manage any content and serve all media. The system enables every team member to create a multi-channel story within any client providing different renditions or variants of the same object automatically. vjoon K4 allows content to be published for print, web, tablet, mobile, e-reader, social network or syndication process driven and efficient. Browser clients afford you secure access to the system on the go and from remote locations so external team members, subsidiaries and freelancers make use of the same benefits as well.


vjoon-k4-screenMedia Asset Management

Access directly all data of relevance to publishing and exploit smart search algorithms. Combine a high performance full text search with special filters to achieve precise search results. Preview different layouts, each single page and thumbnails of all your content in InDesign and browser clients. Compile and capture all the information, images and URLs you need for an impending story within a personal or team oriented collection and get started generating initial layouts and articles or rough drafts. Customize image workflows and automate image processing and enhancement. Leading DAM solutions can be integrated into vjoon K4 to whatever depth necessary to get the job done.

Built-in AutomationsPublisher-Tablet-Publishing

There is no need of expensive scripting development to make use of sophisticated automated processes. Built-in automations streamline complex processes when it comes to digital productions. With vjoon K4 you only need a single layout to produce all variants for diverse digital devices automatically. Use built-in scripts based on rules or liquid layout to resize layouts for smartphones or tablets on the touch of a button. Publish for Web and send articles and media files directly to Web content management systems.


Optimized Digital and Print Workflows

Pipe precisely the content readers want into digital channels to reach more people faster with the latest news and stories. Shorten time-to-market cycles, realize new ideas, modify layouts, create appealing tablet or mobile editions and publish to Web quickly in a single, professional editing workflow. And what’s more the sophisticated task-based workflow model lets you add or expand publishing channels incredibly easy. Outsourced tasks and processes as well as subordinated workflows are synchronized and whenever possible automated.

tablet-k4-idFlexible Production Management

With vjoon K4, editors-in-chief, administrators and project managers can always keep on top of the current status of both the publishing effort and licenses in use. The entire workflow is presented to them in a browser so they can react immediately if they need to intervene. Managers can even see how Adobe InDesign Servers are deployed. All processes may be configured individually, in detail and depth by a graphical workflow editor. And the entire team benefits from the system’s phenomenal flexibility and the remarkable measure of reliability it brings to the publishing process.


Enhanced Collaboration909

With vjoon K4 as the standard platform humming in the background, editors, designers and managers focus on their own parts of the publishing process without getting in each others’ way, allowing writing, designing, photo editing and editorial review to proceed simultaneously and collaboratively.


State-of-the-Art Technology

vjoon K4 is a multi-tier architectural solution with an intuitive web-based administration interface. It supports modern standard database platforms (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and ORACLE). The system can be extended using Web services. Built-in automation streamlines complex processes and a convenient graphical workflow design editor lets you configure and manage workflows efficiently.

When it comes to managing the production effort, you’re on the safe side with vjoon K4. For one, the entire workflow is presented to you in your browser so you can react immediately if you need to intervene. So it’s perfect for Supervisors, project managers or the head of production who want to keep track of where things stand.




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