Pre Press & Colour Management

One of the important directions of development of the Prepress and Colour Management is the automation of checks and balances. In more recent years, prepress software has been developed which is designed to find as many efficiencies in prepress workflows as possible.

These tools are accessed online, and allow different workers to work on one project at the same time, often from different locations. Key functionality automates common steps to reduce errors, reinforce quality standards and speed up production. Examples include automatic image enhancement, digital dummies for soft proofs, streamlined press calibration and pre-flight checking.

Cadgraf’s solutions include :

  • Typesetting for print and digital products simultaneously
  • Design & Layout Creation Tools
  • Proofing – Hard and Soft Copy Proofing
  • Color Management, Separation, Trapping & Screening
  • Prepress workflow systems

Our first step when engaging with you the client is to develop an understanding of your business and needs as a whole. Our experience as India’s premier pre-press solutions organization for 25 years allows us to create and develop the most suited solution for each individual business.

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