AlwanColorHub allows you to choose the type of color processing you need to apply to your images and files in a very simple and modular way.

AlwanColorHub has been designed and developed to fit into the future standards and working practices which rely on the exchange of Standard/ Reference data between different parts of the workfl ow and on the adaptation/optimization of data on the printing site.

Alwan ColorHub enables you to improve your Color Match, Print Quality and Productivity with a fully automated color server for all printing process.

It allows design studios, agencies, repro houses, prepress companies and publishers to quickly and accurately produce documents for problem-free printing.

More than a color server, Alwan ColorHub Dynamic technology optimizes automatically images and PDF files with multiple pages, images and color spaces. The software supports any input and output color space (RGB, Gray, CMYK, Spot and Multichannel) for any printing application.

Alwan ColorHub ensures your output is predictable and more stable, with unequalled color quality.


Available Tasks with Alwancolorhub

  • CMYK Optimizer Server: A unique ICC based tool for preflighting standardization and dynamic correction of color separation parameters that may have an impact on the printability of files (TAC, press/ paper dot gain, black generation).
  • ICC Profile Processor: Ideal tool for standard ICC based color conversions, from any source color space to any destination color space.
  • Proof Expert Manager (PEM) CT Proof: A simple yet powerful software for the production of controlled and certified contone proofs which are compliant with the latest ISO standards.


All these modules work in a totally cooperative and transparent way by means of a hot folder based file management system which ensures a simple and smooth integration with your existing workflows.

With AlwanColorHub hot folder system, you can easily combine different tasks to address all your production color management needs. For example, files deposited in the input folder are checked. Those carrying a compliant TAC are moved to the output folder, those carrying an excessive TAC are optimized for the destination press and all production files are then proofed on your digital proofer. All these tasks are done automatically without any manual intervention.

Reports are very useful to monitor statistics such as, ink consumption, ink savings, rate of compliant files etc that may be used internally or with your clients in the event of encountering a printing problem with a job.

AlwanColorHub generates a log and/or a PDF report for each processed file detailing the processing operations and results.

The benefits of using Alwan Colorhub Press include:

High-Fidelity Color Reproduction

HiFi by Alwan ensures Spot, wide gamut and multichannel color conversions for High quality printing applications with unmatched vibrant colors and accurate spot & brand colors.

Standards conformance

Alwan ColorHub supports the latest industry color management Data Sets, ICC profiles and ISO standards, which ensure color standardization through the entire production. Generated PDF files are compliant with certified PDF/X1a, PDF/X3 and PDF/X4 files.

Ink Saving

Alwan ColorHub removes unnecessary ink coverage from the separations hence using less ink, improving printability and increasing print quality.

Cost Saving

Ink optimization also enables you to save money on consumables and raw material, eliminating waste.


Alwan ColorHub automatically analyzes preflights and optimizes your incoming files and enables you to get more productive throughput of files and to achieve faster make-ready and drying times.

Ink optimization enables the press to run faster without printability problems such as paper brake and jam, causing maintenance delays.

Maximum Stability and Reliability

CrashProof® technology has been developed by Alwan in order to ensure maximum stability and reliability for its software in demanding production environments.

Each required “task” (preflighting, correction, proofing etc) is managed by AlwanColorHub application as well as by the System as a totally independent process. In case of file error which can cause an application or system dysfunction, CrashProof kills the faulty task, signals the error in the application log and launches the next task without any interruption of production.

Alwan CMYK Optimizer is a joy to work with,” continues Paul Warrick. “It’s really quick, does what it says it will and is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. Our other colour management software requires liaison with the developer. We have to email in to them with details of the job we want to do and the next day we can move ahead. Alwan works with standard CMYK profiles and just gets on with it, fast. I never have to even look at it, it’s just there doing its thing.

Paul Warrick
Creative Service Manager
John Brown Media


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