First established in 1995, New ProImage is a leading developer of ink optimization, color image processing and production tracking solutions for the commercial and newspaper printing and publishing industries.

Their solutions enable printing houses, which have been dramatically affected by the rapid growth of digital publishing to remain competitive in today’s economic climate.

They also offer a cutting-edge system that delivers digital information, via multiple channels, in addition to the traditional print publications, to meet the growing demand for digital content on different platforms. With a user base of more than 100 publications in 15 countries ProImage’s offerings range from solutions for local publications to enterprise asset and workflow management software for multinational operations.

With an extensive track record of successful implementations worldwide, they are dedicated to serving their customers’ needs by providing new solutions whenever and wherever needed.


New-ProImage’s Product Portfolio

OnColor Ink Saving - Maximize print quality while significantly reducing ink usage and production cost. OnColor Press Ink Saving System is a software application that partially replaces Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow colors in an image with Black without compromising sharpness or quality. The conversion process reduces the overall ink volume required for printing. Cost reduction is achieved by both reducing the volume of the expensive color inks and replacing them with less expensive black ink, and reducing the overall volume of inks used. Users have reported ink volume savings up to 30%, and cost savings in the range of 20-35%. The software can be used as a stand-alone application, or can be integrated into any press workflow.
Press Register - Software solution that corrects mis-registration on the printing press without the need to touch or modify the press. Press Register is a software solution that corrects for mis-registration on the printing press without the need to touch or modify the press. The application can scale, rotate, mirror and shift the image to be exposed on the plate. NewsWay Press Register greatly improves the final print registration and minimizes mechanical adjustment on the press. This is done by processing the 1 bit TIFF of each individual separation (C, M, Y or K) to the appropriate size to compensate for any web press mis-alignment.

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